Page 03/24/2014 09:00:04

New coral MicroRNA paper out

Liew YJ, Aranda M, Carr A, Baumgarten S, Zoccola D, Tambutté S, Allemand D, Micklem G, Voolstra CR* (2014) Identification of MicroRNAs in the Coral Stylophora pistillata. PLoS ONE 9(3): e91101. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0091101

In this study, we examined the smRNAome and Transcriptome for the presence of miRNAs and the corresponding core protein machinery required for miRNA processing and function. We present evidence for 31 bona fide microRNAs, 5 of which (miR-100, miR-2022, miR-2023, miR-2030, and miR-2036) are conserved in other metazoans. Homologues of Argonaute, Piwi, Dicer, Drosha, Pasha, and HEN1 were identified in the transcriptome based on strong sequence conservation with known RNAi proteins.