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New lab members


In the past months we could welcome new members and visitors in our lab:

Anny (PhD student) and Nils (M.Sc. student) are working on coral stress in a collaboration with the ZMT in Germany.

Ghaida has started a PhD in our lab and is currently working on bacteria involved in coral bleaching.

Mohammad has started his M.Sc. in our lab here in KAUST.

Maren has started a postdoc fellowship in our lab and her project will focus on coral host-symbiont functioning and interaction along environmental gradients.

Shobhit (PhD student) is working with bioinformatic tools on coral reefs.

Theresa (PhD student) is screening for antiviral compounds against HIV in a collaboration with the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

For more details please visit our Members section.

Welcome everyone :)