Metaorganism Workshop


​​"KAUST Research Workshop: The metaorganism frontier" 
at the shores of the central Red Sea from February 18-22, 2018


Christian R Voolstra
Heribert Hirt
Maren Ziegler
Ben C. C. Hume

Funded/Awarded by:
Office of Sponsored Research (OSR), KAUST

The goal of the workshop is to provide a stimulating, interdisciplinary, and international forum for disseminating the current state of knowledge, discussing future research directions, formulating key insights and questions, and identifying unresolved issues in the field of metaorganism function and adaptation. The workshop will bring together researchers from KAUST and international experts in microbial ecology and metaorganism evolution with the overarching aim to produce a seminal research article that provides an integrative outlook on current knowledge and future research directions in this exciting and important field, in particular addressing the issues of animal and plant health and adaption through the lens of the metaorganism.

We are looking forward to what promises to be a stimulating and insightful workshop. A complete agenda will be posted later.