Chieh Jhen Chen (Erin)


PhD student

currently: University Hsinchu, Taiwan

Research Interests

‚ÄčI was born in southern Taiwan where the people most passionate. I love experiencing different kind of fields, pursuit what I want and find what I want to be. My BS is from Japanese Language school. One day I just decided to be a vet but somehow I became Marine biologist like drama. Fortunately, I got graduation from my MS in Marine biology and specialized in coral reproduction. I still continued coral studies as a research assistance in Academia Sinica in Taiwan and learned how to do ecological survey, symbiodinium, taxonomy and speciation for the corals. I realized I am really into the coral therefore I decided to start my Ph.D. in KAUST. Now I am focusing on the genetic differentiation in spawning and brooding corals. Coral is a fantastic creature. I just can not help to stare at them underwater and want to hold them in my arm. Coral help me to find my way and what I want to be. I love any kinds of activities related to the sea. Surfing, swimming and diving are the my most favorites. Let enjoy the Marine.