Areej Hussain

​M.Sc. Class of Winter 2011​
currently: Research Engineer
Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate

Research Interests

​I have always been a nerd and loved learning. My parents appreciate education and science and so they taught me. As I grew up, I developed a goal for myself to help those scientists who wrote what was in my curricula books and be one of them. That’s how I chose research life. After completing my Bachelor’s in computer science, I’m currently pursuing my Master’s in marine biology believing that learning shouldn’t be limited to one science and khalas, rather, all sciences make up one unit and must be studied as a whole. Here I am being a researcher in evolutionary biology and ecological genomics of corals in the Red Sea with Chris Voolstra at KAUST, and I couldn’t be happier.