Fahmi Machda

​M.Sc. ​Class of 2010
currently: Qontrib

Research Interests

​For me, KAUST is a blessing for my life as a student. This reminds me to be always thankful with everything. To be thankful will be meaningless without making more contributions. So I was used to ask my self in beginning of the semester here, "What can I do my best for KAUST?". This gives me an Idea to purpose and start a long-term project for KAUST called Red Sea Biogeographic Information System.

For doing the project, I got benefits from my undergraduate in Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember. I was learning Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Geographic Information System. More or less, those two things make myself clear about the idea how to manage and save the environment with the supports of information system. Thankfully, I change my major to Marine Science and Engeneering in KAUST focusing on Marine Resources Management and Conservation, especially biological resources rangging from bacteria, corals, to whales :). Many things are new to me. But I am not affraid to start from zero. My heart keep telling me that this is the opportunity to implement the idea for Red Sea.

In this second semester, I am learning Ecological Genomics, Marine Microbiology, and Structure and Function of Marine Ecosystem. I believe those all are amazing and important subjects to give me the understanding how to manage biological resources in the marine environment.