Maren Kruse


visiting PhD student
currently: PhD student ZMT Bremen, Germany


Research Interests

​I am a marine ecologist with a main focus on modelling and spatial analysis of interaction processes in marine habitats. I grew up in Muenster, Germany, studied Marine Environmental Sciences in Oldenburg and it took me some time before taking a great interest in the world of mathematical modelling. In June 2011 I started my PhD at the Center of Tropical Marine Ecology, Bremen in the working group of Dr. Hauke Reuter. During my Phd I will develop an individual-based model for the habitat use of tropical reef fish hopefully contributing to the management of sustainable use of coral reef systems.

At KAUST, I joined Cornelia Roder for the field work of a long-term reef monitoring project applying my GIS knowledge and of course, enjoying the fantastic waters of the Red Sea and the great opportunities at the Red Sea Research Center.