Rand Lahig


SRSI student 2013



In my extracurricular activities I like to help the poor and needy, especially those who are in crisis and when people need each other the most, my family and I used to distribute food and clothes, we do that to help the poor in need. I learned that we're not alone in this world and we should help each other.

Research Interests

I'm interested in which kind of coral reefs are affected by oil in the Red Sea. Why do corals bleach by heat? Why do reefs degenerate into a mass of weeds and never recover? I would like to do studies answering these questions.

In the future, I want to study marine science. I want to do things which help the environment and helps lower pollution or to discover and make medications which help in treating some diseases. In the future I hope to enroll in KAUST in bio-science fields such as Marine Science, I see myself working in a place that serve the environment and I want to contribute to an environmental organization.

Research Interests Keywords

Marine ecology Marine microbiology