Xianzhe Gong


​M.Sc. ​Class of Summer 2012
currently: seeking a PhD position


Research Interests

​To be a biologist was my dream since I was a child, and I got my bachelor’s degree from Lanzhou University, China. I came to KAUST to get my master’s degree because of the potential exhibited by this new university. I was deeply attracted by the beauty of Red Sea since I arrived at KAUST, and I decided to focus my research on Red Sea with my bioscience background. I will finish my master thesis under Dr. Christian Voolstra’s supervision. My research interest is about the symbionts that live in coral – zooxanthellae. Some major prevalent species of zooxanthellae in natural condition may not grow well in lab. I want to find if there is difference of zooxanthellae composition between natural condition and cultural condition by molecular method.

Research Interests Keywords