22 April, 2013

New coral reef ecology article published

The results of our work on the 'In-situ Effects of Eutrophication and Overfishing on Physiology and Bacterial Diversity of the Red Sea Coral Acropora hemprichii ' have been published in PLoS ONE.

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05 April, 2013

New coral genetics article published

Genetics helps in coral taxonomy.

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20 March, 2013

Reem has won the IBDA’A National Olympiads in Riyadh

Reem AlRabiah wins first place at the IBDA’A National Olympiads.

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17 February, 2013

ASLO in New Orleans starting today

Christian Voolstra and Cornelia Roder hosting a session at ALSO in New Orelans.

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08 February, 2013

Mol Ecol’s best reviewers

Christian Voolstra on 'Top Reviewer for Molecular Ecology 2012' list

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03 February, 2013

Saudi - Egypt bridge: natural resources vs. short term gains

Saudi - Egypt bridge: natural resources vs. short term gains​​​​

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27 January, 2013

Coral Reef Monitoring trailer

During WEP (http://www.kaust.edu.sa/academics/wep/) a session was teaching basics in how to make science understandable in short movie trailers. Enjoy the results explaining coral reef monitoring. (A description of the WEP course Lab to Film can be found here: http://www.acadox.com/class/439#info)

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09 January, 2013

First paper of the year published!

Banguera-Hinestroza et al. published a new paper in Conservation Genetics Resources. It characterizes new microsatellite loci for population genetic studies in the Smooth Cauliflower Coral (Stylophora sp.). Click on the link below!

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24 December, 2012

Happy Holidays and a successful 2013 from the Voolstra lab :)

2012 was a successful year full of changes: Manuel Aranda, Javier Villa Lizcano, and Xianzhe Gong completed their work in our group. We wish them all the best for their further career. We welcomed 2 new postdocs (Camille Daniels, Matthew Neave), 4 new PhD students (Anna Roik, Aubrie O’Rouke, Maren Ziegler, Till Röthig), two new MSc students (Sebastian Baumgarten, Vanessa Robitzch), and 1 new technician (Craig Michell) in our team. Our SRSI 2012 intern, Reem AlRabiah, is currently successfully competing with her project ‘Biofilm Characterization in the Central Red Sea’ on the Saudi National Science Fair which may lead to international competitions.

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17 December, 2012

new webpage goes live!

the new webpage format goes live and hopefully we and you are back for more soon :)

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11 March, 2012

New PhD students join Voolstra lab

We are please to announce the addition of 3 new PhD students to our lab.​​​

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18 August, 2011

Nature Middle East: KAUST launches offshore research station to study Red Sea coral reefs

Nature Middle East: KAUST launches offshore research station to study Red Sea coral reefs
​​In a bid to better understand how Red Sea corals are responding to climate change and human activity, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is strategizing on a monitoring program to study coral reefs in a physical, chemical, and biological context. To read the full story click on the link below, and also have a look at our Research Section!

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20 June, 2011

Paper published Aranda et al. 'Differential sensitivity of coral larvae to natural levels of ultraviolet radiation during the onset of larval competence

We have recently completed a study on the effects of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) to coral larvae of Montastraea faveolata. ​We have recently completed a study on the effects of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) to coral larvae of Montastraea faveolata. It seems that coral larvae are susceptible to UVR during the motile planula stage and we find neurogenic genes differentially expressed. These genes could explain the aberrant settlement behavior upon exposure to UVR that has been observed in previous studies. This is the first study that uses our new generation of cDNA microarrays (>10,000 clones) to assay transcriptomic changes. To have a look, click on the link below!

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10 June, 2011

AEA proposal 'The genome sequence of the dinoflagellate Symbiodinium sp., a symbiont from Red Sea corals' awarded

​We have been recently awarded a grant to sequence the genome of a Symbiodinium species (dinoflagellates). The group consists of Chris Voolstra, Tim Ravasi, and Vladimir Bajic at KAUST and Gos Micklem at University of Cambridge.​​​

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27 May, 2011

PhD student Chatchanit Arif to win 2nd place in best student presentation at AMLC

​We are proud to announce that Chatchanit wong the Bert and Lucy Williams Student Achievement Award for the 2nd best verbal paper presentation for her talk 'Bacterial Profiling of White Plague Disease in a comparative coral species framework' at the 3th Scientific Conference of the Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean (AMLC), 23-27 May 2011, in San José, Costa Rica​

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25 May, 2011

Paper published Voolstra et al. "Rapid Evolution of Coral Proteins Responsible for Interaction with the Environment"

Fresh from the press: We have recently completed a study on rapidly evolving genes in Acropora millepora and Acropora palmata. We found a number of interesting candidate genes, many of them potentially symbiosis-related. To our knowledge this is one of the first studies that conduct a transcriptome-wide screen between related coral species. We are pleased that our paper has been published by PLoS one.

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01 May, 2011

Paper accepted Ryu et al. "Unexpected complexity of the Reef-Building Coral Acropora millepora transcription factor network"

Fresh from the press: We are pleased that our paper has been accepted by BMC Systems Biology. One of the first Coral Systems Biology papers!​

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09 April, 2011

Red Sea Research Center Symposium and Official Lab Opening

Join us for this exciting meeting with world-renowned speakers!​

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30 October, 2010

Paper accepted Heyland et al. "The Developmental Transcriptome of Aplysia californica"

We are pleased to announce that our paper has been accepted by the Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution

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