02 January, 2018

Best student presentation award for Nils at ECRS 2017!

​Nils Rädecker's talk on "understanding coral bleaching in the light of holobiont nutrient cycling" awarded best student talk at ECRS 2017.

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19 December, 2017

Coral genomes reveal extensive differences between corals

​In our latest publication by Voolstra et al. we assembled the genome of the robust coral Stylophora pistillata to compare it to the complex coral Acropora digitifera.

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08 December, 2017

miRNA modulate the host transcriptome during symbiont infection

​In our latest publication by Sebastian Baumgarten et al. in Molecular Ecology we report evidence that miRNA mediate posttranslational modifications during symbiont infection in Aiptasia.

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01 December, 2017

Salinity conveys thermotolerance of the cnidarian - alga symbiosis

​Check out our latest publication by Hagen Gegner et al. reporting on salinity conveyed thermotolerance in Aiptasia. Online now in Biology Open!

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01 December, 2017

Rare symbionts - key to coral resilience?

​Check out our latest publication in the ISME journal by Maren Ziegler et al. looking into community dynamics of rare algal symbionts and their potential role in coral resilience.

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26 October, 2017

Best talk and best poster award at RSRC Open Science conference

​Hagen Gegner and Carol Buitrago-Lopez made 1st place with their oral and poster presentation at the RSRC Open Science Conference!

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17 October, 2017

Northern Red Sea coral reefs may serve as refugia against coral bleaching

In our latest publication by Osman et al. we link histaorical recordds of coral belaching and SSTs in the Red Sea to identfiy potential refugia against coral belaching.

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13 September, 2017

DOC promotes shift to pathogenic lifestyle in reef bacterioplankton.

​In our latest publication Anny Cárdenas et al. show that excess labile carbon enrichment promotes virulent gene expression in coral reef bacterioplankton communities.

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29 August, 2017

Lots of media attention for our paper on the role of floridoside in corals

​Our recent Science Advances paper on the role of floridoside has been featured in media.

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17 August, 2017

The role of floridoside in osmoadaptation in Symbiodinium

Check out our latest paper in Science Advances on the role of floridoside in osmoregulation and its potential role in thermotolerance in coral associated algal endosymbionts.

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17 August, 2017

Diverse viral communities associated with Symbiodinium

Here we re-analyzed existing RNA-Seq data to investigate viral diversity associated with Symbiodinium and its community response to heat stress. ​

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15 August, 2017

Symbiodinium may be CO2 limited in stable symbioses

In our latest publication by Rädecker, Pogoreutz et al. we add further evidence that Symbiodinium may be CO2 limited even during stable symbiosis.​

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13 August, 2017

Meet PhD student Fabia Simona at the Gordon Research Conference, Hong Kong

​Watch the video to find out what Fabia Simona will be presenting at the Gordon Research Conference on Posttranslational Modification Networks​ in Hong Kong!​​​​​​

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10 August, 2017

Insights into microbiome flexibility of deep sea corals

Check out our latest paper by Till Röthig et al. investigating microbiome flexibility in Red Sea deep sea corals under in situ and aquaria conditions.​

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31 July, 2017

Ecological Genomics course paper out now

The results of this year's Ecological Genomics course investigating the effects of iron enrichment on Red Sea corals have now been published.​

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26 July, 2017

New insights into the biology of Red Sea deep-sea corals

In our latest publication, Yum and colleagues analyzed reference transcriptomes and expression profiles for three deep-sea coral species from the Red Sea to gain further insights into their biology.​​​​​​

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12 July, 2017

Cinna Lomnitz Medal for Parsifal Islas Morales

​Congratulations to Parsifal Islas Morales recently awarded with the Cinna Lomnitz Medal for his work on science communication in Mexico!

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28 June, 2017

Patterns of nitrogen fixation in two coral families

Patterns of nitrogen fixation align with trophic groups of two coral families. Read our new publication in Frontiers in Microbiology!

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13 June, 2017

Anti-cancer agents in Saudi Arabian herbals

Here we used phenotypic profiling to unravel the secrets of Saudi Arabian plants used in traditional medicine.

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08 June, 2017

Nature Middle East features our study on nitrogen-fixing microbes and their role in coral belaching.

Big thanks to Nature Middle East for featuring our recent study in Global Change Biology. Click the link below to see the full article.

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