07 November, 2014

Aldebaran is also featureing our HIV inhibition study

Aldebaran is also featuring our article on the HIV inhibition potential of the brown algae Lobophora.

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06 November, 2014

Congratulations Dr. Yum!

Lauren Yum successfully defended her PhD. Congratulations!

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04 November, 2014

Leibniz society features our study on HIV inhibition

The German Leibniz society is featuring our study on the HIV inhibition of the brown algae Lobophora.

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27 October, 2014

Congratulations Dr. Farah!

Farah defended her PhD!

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24 October, 2014

New publication on salinity tolerance of the Red Sea coral Fungia granulosa

The publication describes the influence of hypersaline desalination discharge on the Red Sea coral Fungia granulosa.

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22 September, 2014

Nature Middle East: "Marine brown algae may inhibit HIV infection"

'Marine brown algae may inhibit HIV infection' - Nature Middle East article on our PLOS publication

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21 August, 2014

New article on the bioactivity of Lobophora variegata extracts on HIV-1 Infection out

In this study we show for the first time that Lobophora variegata extracts inhibit HIV-1 entry, thereby suggesting this alga as promising source for the development of novel HIV-1 inhibitors.

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20 August, 2014

New publication - Symbiodinium physiology of the Red Sea coral Pocillopora verrucosa

Please have a look at our new publication on Spatio-Temporal Analyses of Symbiodinium Physiology of the Coral Pocillopora verrucosa along Large-Scale Nutrient and Temperature Gradients in the Red Sea​

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14 August, 2014

Congratulations Dr. Maren Ziegler!!

Maren successfully defended her PhD thesis today!

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14 August, 2014

Publication on three Endozoicomonas genomes out

New open access manuscript that details availability of three Endozoicomonas genomes from cultured resources published.

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13 August, 2014

New lab members Anny and Nils

Welcome Anny and Nils.

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26 July, 2014

New paper on the limits of physiological plasticity of Pocillopora verrucosa from the central Red Sea

Read about the physiological plasticity of P. verrucosa in changing light regimes and how this explains this species' observed depth pattern on the eastern shore of the central Red Sea

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23 July, 2014

New paper on assessing Symbiodinium diversity in scleractinian corals via next-generation sequencing

Check out our new paper on assessing Symbiodinium diversity via next-generation sequencing-based genotyping

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24 June, 2014

Coral transcriptome and bacterial community profiles reveal distinct Yellow Band Disease states

Our most recent ISME publication on bacterial profiling in coral disease, this time we looked at coral transcriptome states and Symbiodinium association too :)

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14 June, 2014

Sponge metatranscriptomics paper out

Check out the latest sponge metatranscriptomics paper :)

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05 June, 2014

Welcome to our new lab member Claudia

We welcome our new lab member Claudia Pogoreutz!

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13 April, 2014

Our article is featured on the PeerJ front page :)

The effect of overfishing and eutrophication on coral reefs in the Central Red Sea
APRIL 8, 2014 - In the Central Red Sea, healthy coral reefs meet intense coastal development, but there are almost no data on the effects of this development on coral reefs. This in situ study investigated how the settlement of reef invertebrates might be affected by overfishing and eutrophication via fertilizer. The results suggest that if these effects are not brought under control, we may see a shift from dominance by hard corals to that of other invertebrates at shaded reef locations, hence affecting coral reef ecology
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09 April, 2014

New benthic coral reef invertebrates study published

New open access study on 'In situ effects of simulated overfishing and eutrophication on settlement of benthic coral reef invertebrates in the Central Red Sea' published. Check it out!

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21 March, 2014

New coral MicroRNA paper out

New open access papper on the 'Identification of MicroRNAs in the Coral Stylophora pistillata' out

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09 January, 2014

Four 'new' publications out (all Open Access)

Check out our publication section. A great start in 2014 with four papers!

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